Category: Winemaking

Sep 09

Winemaking: Soup to Nuts, Grapes to Bottle

Viticulture, the process of growing wine grapes, has been raised from ancient art to a complex combination of science and art. Add in all the other special knowledge and skills required to produce the end product —bottled wine— and you have a Herculean (or is that Dionysian?) task. Vintners, makers of wine, have to consider …

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Mar 24

Home Winemakers, No Longer Amateurs

The Latin word ‘amateur’ means ‘lover’ and originally referred to someone who did something out of the love of doing, rather than ‘just for the money’. They were regarded as the highest experts because they honed their craft motivated by joy instead of monetary reward. Though the professionals of wine still imbue their work with …

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Oct 24

Wine — Cooked or Corked, It’s All Bad!

Wine — Cooked or Corked, It’s All Bad! 1.corked 2.cooked 3.oxidized 4.sediment 5.sulphur 6.refermentation Even with modern winemaking, storage and shipping technology about five percent of all wines arrive at the table bad to some degree. Here are some tips about how to spot them. CORKING It all begins with a cork… Even in this …

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