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Jan 22

Sipping and Soaking – The Art of Pairing Essential Oils Baths with Wine

I’ve always enjoyed soaking in the tub and enjoying the emotional and physical benefits of bath scrubs and salts. On occasion I have also enjoyed pairing this ‘love-me’ activity with a glass of chilled wine. It is the perfect hot and steamy date with moi! The offsetting of the hot, soothing water against my body …

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Feb 13

5 Ways for Modern Couples to Take Date Night to the Next Level

(BPT) – Romance is much more than a simple card on Valentine’s Day. Amid the hectic schedules and chaos of everyday life, romantics across the country are looking for ways to spice up that intimate evening with someone special. Since crowded restaurants and cold temperatures are a sure-fire way to kill the mood, a celebration …

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Feb 06

Valentine’s Day Wines

Around the world, love is the same. But wines carry a distinctive character that only the soil and climate of that region can produce. Spanish Madeira There are still those who insist that chocolate doesn’t pair well with wine. We beg to differ. Tell that to someone who has tasted a fine Spanish Madeira while …

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Jan 03

Wine Tasting – Top 4 Winter Wines

With the cold weather arriving in just a few months, you need to think about what wines will become a part of your daily rotation. Winter dinners are usually filled with hearty foods to keep the body and soul warm. Therefore, you need big, hearty, red wines to go along with the big, hearty foods …

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Oct 03

Wine and Cheese, The Perfect Ticket

Toronto, Canada has an entire convention devoted to Wine and Cheese, now going on for more than 20 years. But perhaps one shouldn’t get too excited, since the pairing goes back at least 4,000 years. Both products are made from living substances and improve with age, both are a product of fermentation, the process by …

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Oct 24

Wine — Cooked or Corked, It’s All Bad!

Wine — Cooked or Corked, It’s All Bad! 1.corked 2.cooked 3.oxidized 4.sediment 5.sulphur 6.refermentation Even with modern winemaking, storage and shipping technology about five percent of all wines arrive at the table bad to some degree. Here are some tips about how to spot them. CORKING It all begins with a cork… Even in this …

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Oct 12

A taste of inspiration for the season

Are you planning holiday feasts paired with just the right wines? It is true that the brisk chill in the air, the cozy sweaters, and the warmth of a fire are all telling us one thing: The holidays are on their way. Most of us have great memories of breaking bread with family and friends, …

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Sep 24

Wine Grading: More Than Just Tasting

Skill in the art of winetasting doesn’t require an advanced degree in oenology (the science of winemaking). But listening to professional winetasters, it’s easy to get that impression. Bouquet, clarity, earthy, crisp, open, nostalgic — huh? So, take a deep breath, get comfortable, and be prepared to take some time to learn some odd new …

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Aug 21

Raise your glass to the fruits of Niagara

At a falling speed of 56.3 kilometers per hour, the Niagara River thunders over the ancient escarpment in three distinct places to resume its flow into Lake Ontario—and eventually into the Atlantic Ocean. The vertical drop is only 50 metres, not a world record, but the combined cascades are so wide, our own Niagara Falls …

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Feb 09

Wine Clubs For Every Taste

If there’s a country somewhere with only one citizen, it probably has a wine club with a dozen members. Once the province of the enthusiast or specialist, wine clubs are now as popular as Starbucks. Wine clubs are founded for as many reasons as there are founders. Many are started in order to take advantage …

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