Category: Wine Pairing

Dec 12

5 Tips for Perfect Food and Wine Pairings

Whether you’re a budding wine connoisseur or simply want to make great selections for your next dinner party, here are some tips for food and wine pairings everyone will love. 1. Emphasize flavors. Identify the most expressive components of a dish and then select a wine that accentuates them. For example, a holiday bird like …

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Jan 22

Sipping and Soaking – The Art of Pairing Essential Oils Baths with Wine

I’ve always enjoyed soaking in the tub and enjoying the emotional and physical benefits of bath scrubs and salts. On occasion I have also enjoyed pairing this ‘love-me’ activity with a glass of chilled wine. It is the perfect hot and steamy date with moi! The offsetting of the hot, soothing water against my body …

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Feb 21

Winter Recipes and Wine Pairings to ‘Wow’ Any Crowd

(BPT) – Winter offers an opportunity for reflection and for gathering around a table with loved ones. Whether you’re cooking for two or a dinner party with friends, these recipes are the perfect accompaniment to winter gatherings. Pair these recipes with the recommended wine pairings for a truly memorable meal. Even if you’re not cooking, make …

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Jan 09

Winter Roasted Tomato Soup With Blue Cheese Paired With Wine Is Good for Your Health

Tomato soup is a staple in our household, enjoyed in every season. My husband Jack and I have slurped our way through the Bubba dictionary of soups celebrating the tomato. (In the movie Forrest Gump, the character Bubba could rhyme off a whole list of shrimp delicacies and dishes; in my case, tomato soups.) We …

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Dec 02

Hearts of Palm, Mango and Lime Salad Paired With Riesling

In this cold weather with an abundance of snow, it’s fun to taste a little bit of tropical warmth and sunshine. Hearts of palm is the perfect ingredient to add to dishes and salads. It is firm and tender, but subtle in taste, making it an ideal texture-forward ingredient for refreshing salads. Hearts of palm …

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Oct 25

Polenta Rounds With Stilton Pate Paired With Cabernet Sauvignon

Polenta, a native dish of Friuli, Italy, is a wonderful ingredient to utilize for hors d’oeuvres and appetizers. It’s simply cornmeal that’s made into porridge or mash. But when boiled, polenta may be left to set, then baked, grilled or fried. Polenta is a fabulous base ingredient that can be partnered with a variety of …

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Oct 18

Red Wine & Food Pairing

There are so many kinds of red wines to choose from. Grapes that are suited to making red wines come in many varieties, so there are great ones for every palate. In fact, there are so many varieties, that people often find themselves overwhelmed in choosing. Red wine is also one of the best wines …

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Oct 16

Good Red Wines to Serve with Beef

Red wine and red meat are a classic combination. Even the most novice wine drinkers usually know that you pair white wine with fish and chicken and red wine with beef. But, the choices in red wine are so vast, it can still be hard to narrow down the right red wine to serve with …

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Oct 03

Wine and Cheese, The Perfect Ticket

Toronto, Canada has an entire convention devoted to Wine and Cheese, now going on for more than 20 years. But perhaps one shouldn’t get too excited, since the pairing goes back at least 4,000 years. Both products are made from living substances and improve with age, both are a product of fermentation, the process by …

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Sep 24

Wine and Food: Proper Pairing

The title is misleading. There really is no such thing as ‘proper’ when choosing a wine and food to enjoy together. In matters of taste, individual judgment will always reign supreme. But the old rule of reds with beef, whites with fish and poultry still has merit. For either situation, choose the best wine you …

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