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Feb 21

Winter Recipes and Wine Pairings to ‘Wow’ Any Crowd

(BPT) – Winter offers an opportunity for reflection and for gathering around a table with loved ones. Whether you’re cooking for two or a dinner party with friends, these recipes are the perfect accompaniment to winter gatherings. Pair these recipes with the recommended wine pairings for a truly memorable meal. Even if you’re not cooking, make …

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Feb 06

Valentine’s Day Wines

Around the world, love is the same. But wines carry a distinctive character that only the soil and climate of that region can produce. Spanish Madeira There are still those who insist that chocolate doesn’t pair well with wine. We beg to differ. Tell that to someone who has tasted a fine Spanish Madeira while …

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Sep 24

Wine — Chile, Olé

Blessed with a Mediterranean climate similar to France or California, Chile has the added advantage of being south of the equator. That puts their summers from November to March, allowing them to harvest wine during the off-season of many other countries. Time shifting allows them to satisfy the market when others can’t. This has served …

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May 24

Wine Regions: Bordeaux

Bordeaux. The word itself says ‘wine’ to millions around the world. Many historians of the subject assure us that wine has been produced in Bordeaux since the first century AD. And given the known ability for the great Bordeaux to age gracefully, one can believe it. Located in the south west of France around the …

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Jan 12

Wine Regions: Côtes du Rhône

The Rhone Valley, looks very much like a miniature Italy as it stretches 200km (125 mi) from south of Lyon to just south of Avignon. Along this course the climate varies from the Rhone’s cold winters and warm summers to the classic Mediterranean where winters are mild and summers hot. The relatively more constant sun …

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