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  2. How To Organize a Wine Tasting at Home — December 27, 2016
  3. Winter Recipes and Wine Pairings to ‘Wow’ Any Crowd — February 21, 2016
  4. 5 Ways for Modern Couples to Take Date Night to the Next Level — February 13, 2016
  5. Valentine’s Day Wines — February 6, 2016

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Sipping and Soaking – The Art of Pairing Essential Oils Baths with Wine

I’ve always enjoyed soaking in the tub and enjoying the emotional and physical benefits of bath scrubs and salts. On occasion I have also enjoyed pairing this ‘love-me’ activity with a glass of chilled wine. It is the perfect hot and steamy date with moi! The offsetting of the hot, soothing water against my body …

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How To Organize a Wine Tasting at Home

Wine tastings can sound like the exclusive domain of sommeliers and wine experts, but organizing your own event at home among friends is fun and easier than you think. Here are a few basic guidelines to consider according to Jane Masters, master of wine. How many people? As one of the 354 people to hold …

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Winter Recipes and Wine Pairings to ‘Wow’ Any Crowd

(BPT) – Winter offers an opportunity for reflection and for gathering around a table with loved ones. Whether you’re cooking for two or a dinner party with friends, these recipes are the perfect accompaniment to winter gatherings. Pair these recipes with the recommended wine pairings for a truly memorable meal. Even if you’re not cooking, make …

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5 Ways for Modern Couples to Take Date Night to the Next Level

(BPT) – Romance is much more than a simple card on Valentine’s Day. Amid the hectic schedules and chaos of everyday life, romantics across the country are looking for ways to spice up that intimate evening with someone special. Since crowded restaurants and cold temperatures are a sure-fire way to kill the mood, a celebration …

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Valentine’s Day Wines

Around the world, love is the same. But wines carry a distinctive character that only the soil and climate of that region can produce. Spanish Madeira There are still those who insist that chocolate doesn’t pair well with wine. We beg to differ. Tell that to someone who has tasted a fine Spanish Madeira while …

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Winter Roasted Tomato Soup With Blue Cheese Paired With Wine Is Good for Your Health

Tomato soup is a staple in our household, enjoyed in every season. My husband Jack and I have slurped our way through the Bubba dictionary of soups celebrating the tomato. (In the movie Forrest Gump, the character Bubba could rhyme off a whole list of shrimp delicacies and dishes; in my case, tomato soups.) We …

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Wine Tasting – Top 4 Winter Wines

With the cold weather arriving in just a few months, you need to think about what wines will become a part of your daily rotation. Winter dinners are usually filled with hearty foods to keep the body and soul warm. Therefore, you need big, hearty, red wines to go along with the big, hearty foods …

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Hearts of Palm, Mango and Lime Salad Paired With Riesling

In this cold weather with an abundance of snow, it’s fun to taste a little bit of tropical warmth and sunshine. Hearts of palm is the perfect ingredient to add to dishes and salads. It is firm and tender, but subtle in taste, making it an ideal texture-forward ingredient for refreshing salads. Hearts of palm …

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Mastering the Red Wine Reduction

Red wine is a classic element in many delicious recipes. But, there is no better way to use red wine in cooking than with the traditional red wine reduction sauce. Once you’ve mastered this sauce, you’ll find many ways to use it. The most traditional use for red wine reduction sauce is for steak or …

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Choosing a Sweet Red Wine

When shopping for red wines, you’ll notice that there are a lot more dry red wines than red wines that are sweet. But, if you’re a sweet wine lover, you can find some red wines that will suit your palate. The sweetest red wines are ports. These wines are fortified (usually with brandy) and have …

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